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Evaluation of atmospheric concentrations of dl-PCBs comparing to PCDD/F compounds in Istanbul, Turkey

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    Saral A.
    Gunes G.Corresponding
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In this study, the seasonal variation of atmospheric concentrations of PCDD/F and Dl-PCB and the effect of meteorological factors on concentration were investigated. Ambient air samples were collected monthly between May 2011 and October 2013 by using high volume samplers. Based on these samples, average PCDD/F and dl-PCB concentrations were obtained as 1482 fg/m3 and 4983 fg/m3 respectively. PCDD/F congeners did show seasonal variations. 58% share in total PCDD/Fs belongs to winter season while 4% to summer season. No significant seasonal change has been observed for dl-PCBs. 92% (1397 fg/m3) of PCDD/Fs were detected in particulate phase while 20% (926 fg/m3) of dl-PCBs were found in particulate phase. Strong negative correlations were obtained between all homolog groups and T, UV, SR. Correlation between five-chlorinated dl-PCBs, the most abandoned homolog group, with T, UV and SR generated positive meaningful correlation. No meaningful correlations were observed with other parameters. Correlations with particle phase were found to be more meaningful compared to gas phase for both PCDD/Fs and dl-PCBs.

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