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An Experimental Study of Recoverable Products from Waste Tire Pyrolysis

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Solid Waste Management

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582 - 590

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H. Kurtulus OZCAN
Ozcan H.K., Ongen A. and Pangaliyev Y.
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ºCIn this study, potential of useful products recovery was investigated from waste tires that completed the physical life by virtue of pyrolysis process. Disposal of waste tires, which is one of the global environmental problems, continues the presence thereof as a serious problem, especially in developed countries. Pyrolysis and gasification processes stand out due to making possible the disposal of waste tires and obtaining products that can be employed in energy recovery. Pyrolysis experiments were carried out in a fixed-bed-reactor with cyclone separator at various temperatures (300 °C, 400 °C, 500 °C, 600 °C and

700 °C) and nitrogen, employed as agent gas, was given batch and continuously during the process. In the study, the calorific values of the liquid and solid pyrolysis products were determined as 9117 kcal m-3 and 8710 kcal kg-1 respectively. When the results of the experimental studies were evaluated, synthesis gas rich in CH4 and H2 with a high calorific value of 4180 kcal m-3 was achieved.


waste to energy, waste derived fuel (WDF), thermal processes