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Healthcare Waste Management Planning of Hospitals in the Prefectures of Aetoloakarnania and the Island of Lesbos, Greece.

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Solid Waste Management

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312 - 322

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Ioannis K.Kalavrouziotis
Haris – Athina Kamitsou, Ioannis K. Kalavrouziotis and Maria Papadaki
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Proper Hospital healthcare Waste Management (HCWM) is imperative for ensuring public health and environmental protection. In this context, three Prefectural hospitals of Mytilene, Agrinio, and Messolonghi, were studied with respect to planning and management of infectious wastes, cost, training of the white Staff involved, security measures to be taken, and also knowledge related to the implementation of the existing National and European Community, legislation. It was found that the existing legislative procedures were broadly applied. However deviations were reported and it was recognized that serious difficulties in the implementation of the legislation throughout the process i.e. from the phase of separation throughout the processing phase did exist. These deviations frequently originated from conflicts in the directions given by the legislation Joint [Governmental Gazette B1537/8-5-2012]. In order to achieve better implementation of HCWM, recommendations are proposed here.


Waste Hospitals, health and environmental protection