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Optimization of groundwater resources management in polluted aquifers

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283 - 290

Katsifarakis K., Mouti M. and Ntrogkouli K.
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Τhis paper focuses on optimal management of aquifers with pollution problems. Genetic
algorithms are used as the optimization tool, while advective pollutant transport is simulated
by means of a moving point technique. The approach is illustrated by means of two
application examples. In the first we seek the maximum total clean water pumping rate Qs
from three production wells, situated in the same restricted area with two wells that inject
polluted water. Results show that Qs depends heavily on the dimensions of the available area.
In the second application example, the total flow rate of the production wells is fixed and the
minimum treatment cost of pumped water is sought. Best solutions resulting from a number of
runs are classified in 3 different patterns, which are comparatively evaluated. Some remarks
on taking into account dispersive mass transport conclude the paper.

aquifer pollution, optimal management, genetic algorithms, moving points, penalty function

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