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Global NEST Journal

Print ISSN: 1790-7632
Electronic ISSN: 2241-777X

Volume 25 - 2023


Paper Topic: 
Air Quality
Paper Topic: 
Haskis P. Tsolis P. Tsiantouka L. Mpeza P. Barouchas P. Giannopoulos G. Pashalidis Ι. Anastopoulos Ι., Pages:97-104
Paper Topic: 
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Sangeetha A, Rabitha R, Sivasree B, Nivedha B, Stanlin JS, Arun C, Shanmugam K, Balakumar P , Pages:88-96
Paper Topic: 
Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation
Karthikeyan G, Dharmar S, Ragavan V, Harshani R, Pages:82-87
Paper Topic: 
Ecology, environmental change and management
Paper Topic: 
Nanomaterials in the environment: applications and effects
Prithiviraj. C Mondal. B Sivarethinamohan. R Senthil Kumar. M , Pages:68-76
Paper Topic: 
Food waste
Kanthavelkumaran N Jayaram R S Brabin Nivas M L Prasanth P V, Pages:61-67
Paper Topic: 
Biodiversity conservation
Paper Topic: 
Water, Energy and/or Food Nexus