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Global NEST Journal

Print ISSN: 1790-7632
Electronic ISSN: 2241-777X

Issue 1

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Paper Topic: 
Water Quality
Paper Topic: 
Environmental Management and Policies
Paper Topic: 
Sustainable Energy
Haseeb M. Tahir Z. Batool S.A. Majeed A.* Ahmad S.A. Kanwal S., Pages:29-36
Paper Topic: 
Setiawan, R. Y. Iskandar, I. Wirasatriya, A. Susanto, R. D. Siswanto, E. Pranowo, W. S. Setiawati, M. D. Mardiansyah, W., Pages:37-43
Paper Topic: 
Environmental data analysis and modelling
Paper Topic: 
Air Quality
Ahmad MN. Masood ul Hassan M. Nawaz F. Anjum MN. Iqbal SZ. Hussain T. Mujahid A. Farid MF., Pages:53-58
Paper Topic: 
Alazaiza M. Abdelfattah F. Almaskari T. Bashir M. Nassani D. Albahanasawi A. Abushammala M., Pages:59-64
Paper Topic: 
Solid Waste Management
Michopoulos P. Kostakis M. Solomou A. Pasias I. Grigoratos Th. Thomaidis N.S. Samara C. , Pages:65-73
Paper Topic: 
Environmental Toxicology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems
Alazaiza M. Albahnasawi A. Copty N. Ali G. Bashir M. Abu Amr S. Abushammala M. Nassani D. Almaskari T., Pages:74-86
Paper Topic: 
Emerging pollutants