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Professor(e) Themistokles Lekkas

Personal Data: 

Professor(e) Themistokles Lekkas
Environmental Science Dep University of the Aegean,
Mytilini, Greece

Contact Data: 

Global Network of Environmental Science and Technology Journal (G NEST J)
Manuscript Office
University of the Aegean
30 Voulgaroktonou Street
Athens GR 11472
Phone (+30) 210 6492451
Fax (+30) 210 6492499
Contact Assoc. Editor Dr. Christina Makri

Honor and Associations: 

• Rector of the University of the Aegean (two term, 1997-2003)
• Vice Chairman (Executive) of the Governing Board of the University of the Aegean (1993-1997)
• Founder of the Air and Water Laboratory at the Environmental Science Dept. of the University of the Aegean
• Vice President of the Hellenic Agriculture Academy(2012-2014)
• Member of the Governing Board of the University of Ioannina (2013-2017)
• Advisor on Environmental Issues for the Federation of Greek Industries (1978-1982)
• National Representative in E.U. in FP4 for the Environment
• Scientific and Technical advisor for the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation (1993-to day)
• Managing Director for the Hellenic Salt works (1985-1989)
• Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Hellenic Salt works (1993-2002)
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Athens Water and Sewage Company (2010-2012)
• Founder of GNEST and organizer of Biennial Conferences on Environmental Sciences and Technology since 1999

Current Research: 

• Emerging pollution
• Disinfection by products.
• Water Filtration using GAC
• Recovery and Recycling of Packaging Waste Materials – Methodology and sampling


Themistokles Lekkas is Professor (e) of Environmental Engineering of the Environmental Science Department , Univ. of Aegean. He is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the NTU of Athens and holds and MSc (Mark of Distinction) and a Ph.D. from the Imperial College, London. He has extensive industrial experience and has held various managerial positions. He is the founder of the Global Nest Journal. Professor Lekkas has conducted extensive research and has published research papers in the areas of water filtration, fluidization, disinfection by products, priority substances, emerging pollution and solid waste management.