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Associate Professor Helena Flocas

Personal Data: 

Associate Professor Helena Flocas
Faculty of Physics
Department of Environmental Physics-Meteorology
University of Athens, Greece

Contact Data: 

Building PHYS-5, University campus
University of Athens
157 84 Athens, Greece
Tel. ++30 210 7276706 fax ++30210 7295281 e-mail:

Honor and Associations: 

• Scholarship from the National Institution of Scholarships during my undergraduate studies (1983-1987).
• Scholarship from NATO, through the Greek Ministry of Economics, during my postgraduate studies in UK (1989-1990)
• Scholarship from British Council for postdoctoral research at the University of Reading (1994-1995)
• Fellowship from the National Foundation of Scholarship for postdoctoral research at the University of Athens (1998-1999)
• British Council: Fellowship for postdoctoral research in Reading University, UK (1993-1994).
• NASA: Grant for attending the 5th International Conference International Conference on precipitation: Space-Time variability and dynamics of rainfall. (1995)

Current Research: 

Dynamic Climatology
- Applied Climatology- Climatic changes
- Synoptic and Dynamic Meteorology
- Atmospheric Boundary Layer
- Atmospheric air quality and transfer of air pollutants


She received her B.Sc. in Physics from University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1987, her M.Sc. in Meterology from University of Reading, UK, in 1990, and her PhD in Meteorology from University of Thessaloniki in 1993. She worked as research assistant since 1990 in the Universities of Thessaloniki, Reading and Athens. She elected Lecturer in the University of Athens in 2000, Assistant Professor in 2004 and Associate Professor in 2012.
She has participated in 54 research projects as research assistant (including 14 European projects). Coordinator of 4 research projects, funded by EU and private and/or national funds. She has published 78 papers in international journals, 103 in international conference proceedings and 27 in national conferences. She is reviewer in 25 journals and guest editor in two journals. She has more than 1000 citations (excluding self citations).
Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology and the International Student Conference of Balkan Physical Union. Member of the organizing Committee of the 11th International Conference on Meteorolorolgy, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics (2012).

Associate Editor